The Property

A Modern, industrial Collaborative Space offering office, event and studio space in the heart of downtown McDonough Ga

Property Features

  • Remodeled: 2022
  • 5985 Total Sqft
  • 2 Stories
  • 1100 Sqft FlexStudio
  • Conference Room
  • Podcast Studio
  • 2 Single Desk Offices
  • 2 Double Desk Offices
  • 5 Bathrooms
  • 40+ Parking Spaces
  • Open Coworking Space
  • Patio Seating

Why a Collaborative Space?

Shared Space benefits go hand-in-hand with networking and expose you to chance and opportunity.

Who knows where a casual conversation may lead? Working in proximity to others allows quick collaboration to occur.

Building 140 offers multiple shared spaces available to tenants, members and individuals who book the space. All tenants will receive designated time in these spaces each month at no additional cost.

our shared spaces

  • Open Coworking Space
  • Conference Room
  • FlexStudio Space
  • Podcast Studio

The FlexStudio can be used for creative shoots, events, training classes and meetings.

Tenant Packages

All tenant packages include time in the flexstudio space and conference room, designated parking, utilities and weekly office cleaning.

For tenant information, please text or call 470.317.3476.

what’s happening

Join Us for our Upcoming Community and Professional Events

Please feel free to register for one of our featured events.


office spaces for rent

Office Space Leasing  Information.

double desk office space

Our Double Desk Office spaces average about 250sqft each and will comfortably fit 2 people plus 2 guests.

This space will come furnished with a desk. 2 chairs and storage shelves.


single desk office space

Our single Desk Office spaces average about 115sqft each and will comfortably fit 1 person plus 1 guest.

This space will come furnished with a desk. 2 chairs and storage shelves.


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